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What are the advantages of painting the interior of your home?

A fresh coat of paint is all it takes to turn a house into a home. Paint is personal; it expresses your personal tastes and has the ability to influence your mood.

Painting the interior of your home can also increase it's value. A bright, fresh coat of paint can increase the value of your house, apartment, or condominium and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Interior painting can cover permanent marks and stains.

You have scrubbed, you have sanded, you have yelled, but the marks on the wall in your living room from when you moved the sofa a few years ago, just won’t go away!

Rearranging your furniture reminded you just how long the marks have been there and now you want them gone. Not to worry...we can help with great prep work and high quality paints.

Eco-friendly paint means healthier, cleaner rooms.

Painting interior walls can increase the quality of the air in your home by decreasing the amount of dirt, dust, black mould and grime hanging around. Repainting your walls with low VOC paints can make breathing easier for everyone, especially children or those with asthma.

Get interior painting with minimal disruptions with HUGE results!

Working with Second Generation Painting can be a great resource when it's time to remodel. We create some of the biggest and most dramatic results to provide you with the best experience. An experienced painter with a good eye is just as valuable as an expensive interior decorator and the advice is included in the paint job.

We use a bold, bright interior paint colour to liven up a room or as accent walls, or use light paint colours to make a small room seems bigger. A fresh coat of paint can improve not only the condition of your walls but also your mood.

Specific paints for specific purposes.

If you find a mould problem in your bathroom or kitchen it could be due to the wrong type of paint applied. Using paint with a mildewcide and anti fungal will correct that problem after walls are properly treated. Using the right sheen level of paint on doors and trim will ensure it's easily cleaned. Paint isn't a one size fits all, we would have to evaluate your home and see what your particular needs are and we'll explain why.

Second Generation Interior Painting Services Include

  • Colour consultation (here's a start)
  • Floor and furniture protection (drop sheets and plastic covers)
  • Room fixture and detail masking when spraying (light fixtures, woodwork or fireplaces, etc.)
  • Surface preparation (repairing drywall cracks, nail holes and other surface imperfections)
  • High quality paint application by brush and rolling or spray
  • Kill and remove mould. Use stain blocking primer then paint with antifungal paint
  • Use stain blocking primer on water, smoke and other stubborn stains
  • installation of crown moulding, baseboards and door casings (Yes, we even do finish carpentry!)
  • Smoothing textured ceilings (get rid of that dated look)

When you’re ready to transform or freshen up the look of your living space, you can rely on Second Generation Painting’s interior painting services.

Second Generation Painting takes the time to protect your furniture and floors, and to properly repair and prepare your room surfaces prior to painting. It’s how we give your living space a professional finish.

They were great in ensuring minimal disruption in our home during the job !

Not only does our suite look and feel great with its new paint job , Second Generation painting provided professional , flexible and individualized service right from day one. They were great in ensuring minimal disruption in our home during the job ! We will definitely use their services again when its time to get our income suite updated ! I highly recommend Second Generation Painting .Thanks again      Leslie Patricia

Meet the Owner: Dave McGowan

I believe that a paint job shouldn’t cause any anxiety and we’re here to facilitate that.

I want my customers to be able to trust a job will be done right and both client and contractor can walk away happy.

How are we different from other companies? 

Being the second generation painter in the family, I have formal training that includes:

  • BCIT Painting and Decorating training
  • Painters and allied trades apprenticeship training
  • I am a journeyman painter with over 22 years of experience and will only hire well seasoned journeymen painters that don’t require training and meet my high standards (many companies will have labourers and inexperienced painters)

Typically other contractors have apprentices or workers that may be new to the trade. I hire only well seasoned journeymen painters that don’t require training.

I also provide specialized services that the average paint company might not:

  • Finish carpentry (installation of baseboard, window and door casings and crown moulding)
  • Smoothing textured ceilings
  • Faux finishes
  • Repainting existing cabinets (on site)

Two-Year, No-Hassle Warranty

You don’t need to be a lawyer to read our fine print. Because there isn’t any.

When it comes to our painting warranty, we keep it simple. We think that’s the best way to do business and that’s the way our customers want it. So when you see paint that has flaked, peeled, blistered or generally failed to live up to your expectations, we want to hear about it. If at any time, for two years after we have finished your painting project, you have a problem, we will come out and fix it — at no cost to you. And if there is ever a problem with the paint itself during the warranty period, we will deal with the manufacturer for you.

It’s one more way Second Generation Painting is different and why you should consider calling us next time you have a job to do. We want to build a relationship with our customers that will last years not just one job.

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