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You wanted to keep your house painting project simple. So you hired the handyman from Craigslist or you tried to do the work yourself.

...but, what seemed simple at first turned into a major pain in the end. Maybe you ended with a huge mess from the Craigslist guy you hired, or you found out that the "simple project" wasn't that simple after all. At Second Generation Painting - we get it! We have simplified the process of house painting so that you get the professional result you expect at a price that you can afford.


We're Problem Solvers

What’s the number one reason paint flakes off and peels? Moisture. And here in Vancouver, you may have noticed that it rains. It rains a lot!

But moisture doesn’t just come from outside your house. It can also come from inside too. Older houses without proper vapour barriers frequently suffer from this problem along with plumbing mishaps and we have much experience with insurance claims. The bottom line? If you paint a surface that has too much moisture in it, the paint will flake or peel in no time. That’s why we test the areas to be painted and take the necessary measure to ensure it's done right. We also clean, prep or remove old paint from the surface to ensure long term durability. And we back it up with a hassle-free, two-year labour warranty on interior work. The best painters stand behind their work – something that is built into the Second Generation Painting process.

You Can Trust Us - Really!

This is why we offer a service that is a little more old-fashioned: We will provide a) a very detailed estimate to you ASAP; b) friendly advice from seasoned professionals; c) top quality paints with our discount and no mark up; d) labour warranties; and e) proactive follow-up procedures. This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and how we have built a stellar reputation with our customers.

Their prices were incredibly reasonable and they came to our rescue right away!

We hired Second Generation Painting after our first company left us high and dry! Their prices were incredibly reasonable and they came to our rescue right away! We were VERY HAPPY with the work and we would definitely hire Second Generation Painting again. Thanks again for everything!!!                                                      Nadine Karolyn

The respectful crew were dependable, punctual and precise with their work

Second Generation came right away when I needed quick and professional assistance. The respectful crew were dependable, punctual and precise with their work. Thank you for reducing my stress and for making my house look beautiful!                                 Jennifer Sheehan

Dave McGowan

I learned the painting business at a very young age (12) from my father. He was a commercial and industrial painter eventually ending up being painter foreman for the Burnaby School Board for over a decade. I was able to start doing side jobs throughout high school with him and on my own. As I entered my early twenties when most painters get their start I was already highly skilled and didn’t have a problem finding the high end work I enjoyed.

I enjoy painting and it comes naturally to me. Mostly, I like the amazing effects a new coat of paint can have in turning a living space or work space into an environment people look forward to spending their day in. The look on a happy clients face makes me feel like I’ve done my job.

The story behind the business

My very first side job with my dad was when I was 12 years old. The year was 1987 and I was painting the neighbours house. He only taught me how to fold sandpaper, how to sand walls and I was only allowed to start painting the insides of closets (because my dad was a perfectionist as am I ).

This was all fine and good but what I’ve failed to mention so far was we did all this while savagely being attacked by fleas.

Yup! Lots and lots of fleas! It was so bad that we had to wrap garbage bags around our legs while we worked  and we still got bitten. My friends at the time were playing Nintendo... and I was being eaten alive and it was by choice.

If this experience doesn’t show dedication to the trade from the start, I don’t know what does....haha     ; )

After BCIT, an apprenticeship and 12 years working in the trade in commercial and residential painting for large companies, small companies, union, non union, the city of Vancouver, the city of Burnaby and being a foreman for one of the largest companies in Victoria — I felt I had enough knowledge and skill to start my own company. It's 28 years and counting in the trade.

...from all this, Second Generation Painting was born.


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