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A fresh coat of paint can give you a whole new outlook on your home or business

 Lighter colors tend to open up a room, pastels can be calming, and bold colors can help you with making a statement.  So, if you are looking to create that new feeling why not start with a fresh coat of paint? It’s the fastest and most affordable way to get the change you want.  

It just feels good

It’s easy to decide you want a new look. However, it’s not nearly as easy to find time to do the prep work, pick the right colours, and find the right tools for the job. Next, is the painting....and let's not forget all the work that goes into the cleanup afterward!

Get the quality you want by hiring professionals you trust

House painters can be really quirky characters. We get that. Certain trades, including the painting business, tend to attract a disproportionate number of fly-by-night operators. The kind of people that can create distrust.

This is why we offer a service that is a little more old-fashioned: we'll give a very detailed estimate to you asap , friendly advice from seasoned professionals, top quality paints with our discount and no mark up,  labour warranties, and proactive follow-up procedures. This how we differentiate ourselves and how we’ve built a stellar reputation with our customers.


Residential Interior Painting

Paint is personal; it expresses your personal tastes and has the ability to influence your mood. Find out more about our interior paint service.

Residential Exterior Painting

If you're thinking about selling, or want to update the look...dollar for dollar, exterior painting is one of the most valuable makeovers your property can get.

Commercial Painting

Whether you need an interior renovation or an exterior makeover, we can bring the same level of attention and care to your business that we would to your home.

The quality of workmanship was great

Thanks for the great work that your crew did for me on several jobs last year. Their timely and professional approach to each project was very much appreciated. Your costs are extremely reasonable, and the quality of workmanship was great. I hope to continue to work with Second Generation Painting in the future! I would be very happy to provide my recommendation to any of your future clients. All the best.                                                    Wayne Oudijn 

Totally professional, perfectionists, reliable and FAST!

We hired Second Generation to paint all of our "show homes" in our condo development project in downtown Langley and they were so amazing! Totally professional, perfectionists, reliable and FAST! I was so impressed that I hired them to paint my own home! I would highly recommend them!

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