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Why should you think about painting the exterior of your house?

It increases the curb appeal. If you're thinking about selling, or just want to update the look...dollar for dollar, exterior painting is one of the most valuable makeovers your property can get. We've built many relationships with realtors over the years that realize this and recommend us frequently.

Providing a welcoming look, painting the exterior can make your house look fresh, updated, and new. Did we mention, it could potentially add thousands of dollars to the value of your home too!

Protects your investment. Exterior painting isn’t just about looking good. Painting the exterior of your house can actually help protect it from the effects of age and weather. A good-quality paint job, properly and professionally applied, can water-proof your brick, extend the life of your deck and stop rotting before it starts. It saves you loads of money in the long-run. As soon as you start to notice cracking or peeling in your exterior paint, it’s time to think about getting it fixed. Small signs of stress or wear can turn into huge problems if left untouched for too long.

Second Generation Exterior Painting Services Include

  • Colour consultation
  • Our experienced painting team will do a walk around the house to evaluate the full scope of the project
  • Surface preparation (masking windows for spraying, preparing cracks, nail holes, other surface imperfections and filling and caulking areas as needed)
  • High quality paint application either sprayed or brush and rolled
  • Protect surrounding flowers beds, plants or deck areas etc.
  • Provide mould or mildew removal if needed
  • Pressure washing to ensure all areas are clear of debris and dust and ready to be painted
  • Staining siding, fascia, soffits, decks and fences

When you’re ready to transform or freshen up the look of your homes exterior look,  you can rely on Second Generation Painting’s exterior painting services.


takes the finishing touches to the next level

Are you looking for a high quality Painter, then look no further. High quality work, efficient, and takes the finishing touches to the next level. Great prices and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!!!                                                                                                              Mike Neufeld

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Meet the Owner: Dave McGowan

I believe that a paint job shouldn’t cause any anxiety and we’re here to facilitate that.

I want my customers to be able to trust a job will be done right and both client and contractor can walk away happy.

How are we different from other companies? 

Being the second generation painter in the family is one. Also, I have formal training that includes:

  • BCIT Painting and Decorating training
  • Painters and allied trades apprenticeship training
  •  being a journeyman painter with over 22 years of experience

Typically other contractors have apprentices or workers that may be new to the trade. I hire only well seasoned journeymen painters I can trust and that don’t require training.

I also provide specialized services that the average paint company might not:

  • Finish carpentry (installation of baseboard, window and door casings and crown moulding)
  • Smoothing textured ceilings
  • Faux finishes
  • Repainting existing cabinets (on site)

Two-Year, No-Hassle Warranty

You don’t need to be a lawyer to read our fine print. Because there isn’t any.

When it comes to our painting warranty, we keep it simple. We think that’s the best way to do business and that’s the way our customers want it. So when you see paint that has flaked, peeled, blistered or generally failed to live up to your expectations, we want to hear about it. If at any time, for two years after we have finished your painting project, you have a problem, we will come out and fix it — at no cost to you. And if there is ever a problem with the paint itself during the warranty period, we will deal with the manufacturer for you.

It’s one more way Second Generation Painting is different. And why you should consider calling us next time you have a job to do. We want to build a relationship with our customers that will last years.

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